A downloadable Zee for Windows

Tell me if you found bugs, ideas, changes

Bind :
WASD  /  ZQSD  /  Controller
O   : change dithering style
P   : change colors palettes and more
F11 : Fullscreen

Leaderboard :
RomanYar - 0;01;18;67
Shynif - 0;01;18;99


Art & CodeTrixelized
Music - Yann Roland (aka Belze)
LD & Code - Shynif

In Now Build :
-Wolrd 1
-World 2 
-World 3
-Speedrun mode with time
-Amazing musics

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsShynif, Trixie
GenreAdventure, Action, Platformer
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Speedrun, underwater


ZEE2_Build_5.zip 6 MB


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It's really good. I actually thought that it was going to be a chill game, but had fun nonetheless! Looking forward to seeing more of this project :)

Thank you ! I'm really glad you love the game


Third world looks very, very nice. Trix's visuals are exceptionally great (as always) and add a lot to the atmosphere. Really love that blue color.

Those empty "air boxes?" are a very interesting mechanic, and I enjoyed getting to the hard-to-reach areas (I did not expect to get G'd lol). I would love to see it being used more in future in various ways (for example, an empty room with individual floating water boxes in it sounds interesting).

Spike hitboxes together with "boost orb" misalignment are still a bother, sadly. It's still extremely hard not to get hit on this
and this screenbecause of those issues.

Either way, my current speedrun record is 01:18:67! (It seems like speedrun timer doesn't work correctly - 1 second on the clock is equal to 2 real-life seconds).


Thank you a lot for your comment !
you already have the record ^^
Lots of people complain about spikes hitboxes, i'm gonna change that asap.
I'm really happy you like the new mechanics and it's just a little taste !

Is this Windows-only?

Overall, this project is quite pleasant to play and looks very promising. I love Trix's art, and it creates great atmosphere together with the music. The gameplay is enjoyable, as the controls are surprisingly comfortable and smooth for a game of this kind. 
There are some things that require some tweaking for better experience:
- Spike hitboxes. Big spike hitboxes make it really easy to take damage in a game where you don't always have full control of the character. Also, in some narrow passages they make it almost impossible to stay undamaged. Perhaps it would be a good idea to decrease the size of their hitboxes.
- Boost orbs (or whatever they are called). I think they are an interesting mechanic, but they work a bit janky. I suggest moving the character to the center of the orb when touched, so that it boosts you in the right direction (kind of like Celeste's bubbles).
- Some passages work weird or are closed, so it is a little confusing, especially on the first playthrough (I am still confused by that passage to the right on the Screenshot 2 that loops you to the same room).

I also have a suggestion: separate checkpoints from bubbles. Having a checkpoint in every single room kind of removes the challenge. Instead, it might be a good idea to place a checkpoint every 2-4 (or more) rooms, and leave the bubbles just for the temporary safety. Also, consider making a checkpoint restore all of your health.

I hope my feedback will be helpful for you. Good luck with further development!

(P.S. My current speedrun record is 00:47:61!)


thank you so much for you constructive comment !

i'll try to change spikes' hitbox as soon as possible, i already had a lot of comments about it.

again, thank you !

(P.S. your first of the leaderboard)


What is there is very qualitative. Movement feels good (spikes hitbox perhaps a tiny bit too harsh). Visuals combined with music make for a very pleasing playthrough. It makes me curious about a full game if you are able to maintain that level of quality.


J'aime bien le style graphique, c'est pixelisé juste ce qu'il faut. Les dégradés dithering sont bien choisis comme la palette des couleurs. Entant qud'ammateur de pixel art :p J'aime beaucoup.

Après difficile pour moi de juger car je ragequit très vite dans ce genre de jeu. Je suis quand même arrivé à la fin ! J'avoue ne pas être le bon public.

Le jeu m'a fait penser à la célèbre séquence des algues électriques de TMNT sur NES. C'est la partie qui faisait peur à tous les joueurs ^^

Bref continue, je trouve que ce qui est là est bien maîtrisé, plus qu'à ajouter quelques nouvelles mécaniques/ennemis histoire de renouveler le gameplay.
Après plus facile à dire qu'à faire, mais comme il y a un speedrun, si tu arrives à implémenter un Ghost de la run précédente ... ce serait cool.

En tout cas GG


verry good game i love it <3