A downloadable asset pack for Windows

Small Stepmania engine

Look at the video to see how it was made

Generate your own .sm files from music using :


StepmaniaGMS.yymps 13 kB
Tutorial_Stepmania.zip 1 MB


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The AI doesn't seem to work for me... Do you have any idea why that might be, or perhaps know of any valid alternatives?
Excellent work, by the way! Thank you for making a tutorial to go with the engine as well!

oh thank you !!!
Didn't expect people to watch my tutorial ^^
The AI is not mine so I can't really help. It sometimes doesn't work for some difficulty levels and some songs
Try different difficulties but if nothing works you can try different AIs like one of my friend's choice AutoStepper
I don't really know much about how it works so good luck :)

Have fun making amazing rhythm games and don't be shy sharing it with me (@DevShynif on Twitter, Shynif#4685 on Discord) !


Je n'ai pas testé car je n'ai pas de fichier du jeu (et j'ai déjà eu ma dose de Stepmania, guitarHero, beatSaber) mais Bravo.
Tu parles de vidéo en description, ya une vidéo ?

Oups je l'avais oublié ! Merci infiniment Zic !!!

Sinon il y a cette IA qui permet de créer des fichier à partir de la musique de ton choix ^^



Une IA qui créé le "parcours" c'est fort. Voila un truc qui m'aurait fait plaisir sur OhShape (Oculus) , j'aime beaucoup le jeu mais ya aucun morceau de Metal