Re-generates a new map every 12 seconds !


Simple asset in two scripts
(GMS' physic engine isn't used for the Bubble physic simulation part)

This asset can create Slay the Spire's like vertical maps
and even FTL's like horizontal maps !


Need help ? or just want to show your amazing work ?
-> Twitter @DevShynif
-> Discord Shynif#4685

Special version available now too !
with a nice background

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(3 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, asset, GameMaker, map, Procedural Generation


Map_Generator.yymps 31 kB
map_generator_special.yymps 33 kB


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hi, can you create a web app with json export?

Sorry but the asset already needs a lot of rework. In future updates it will be easier to grab data and make it whatever you want like JSON export. However you should be aware GMS2 and Web have a lot of problems and doesn't really provide saving files

Deleted 2 years ago

Sadly sprites data and other important datas are chosen with a random seed hack. The entire asset will be remade from scratch (Structs as data, better point placement, ...)
However it won't be updated until the end of January due to upcoming exams :(. My apologies and thank you for your interest in the asset.

Deleted 2 years ago

Interesting <3


This is cool but did you really just use a physics engine to do disc sampling? I will let Mr. Shiffman expain a faster way...


I see you're also into Generative Art ;)    (
As it was a LUA tutorial that I was asked to remake for GMS I didn't dive into it too much. Definitely Poisson-Disc or even a simple random dot placement with constrains would have been faster. Thanks for your interest in the project otherwise :) <3


This is awesome. I've been figuring out how to approach my Overworld and this really helps a lot. (Ironically it structurally resembles one of my first attempts, but this is made better.) Good job!!!


thank you so much !
I'm glad it helped someone <3